Recreational Competition Team

This invitation-only pre-team program is designed for students Kindergarten age and older with a strong work ethic, great attitude, and solid skill base.  The purpose of this program is to give your child the opportunity to experience what competing in gymnastics is like and possibly take their interest to the next level.  When your child is ready for this class, a coach will give you an invitation. 

Team members will attend their regular gymnastics class but will also attend a team practice where specific level skills are now taught to a routine.  This team practice is not in lieu of their current class, but in addition to, and both are required.  With the amount of skills they need to learn and the speed at which progress should occur, attendance more than once a week is necessary.  The second class must be a gymnastics class, not a tumbling class.  Additional classes beyond this are absolutely encouraged for Level 2, but for Levels 3 and 4, a 3rd class is required and it must be an appropriate-level tumbling class.  Regular attendance is required and missing practices can result in dismissal from the program.   Practices are held in the Recreational Gyms.

Two mandatory competitions are held throughout the school year at U.S. Gold Gymnastics facilities and all team members compete based on level and age.  Fees are listed below.  Your coach will be able to tell you which level you will be competing.  Please register for the level-appropriate practice.

Required Competition Dates for both gyms:

Pink & White Invite Meet – Sunday, May 20th, 2018 (located at U.S. Gold Destin Gym)

Meet proceeds benefit a local wounded warrior or fallen hero and a local family affected by cancer, respectively.