Below, you’ll find descriptions of all of our gymnastic programs.

Fun and Fit by Five

Our preschool classes consist of fun, exciting and challenging activities that develop muscle coordination, peer socialization, strength and confidence!  This program is designed for children VPK age and under.  These classes are co-ed and are one hour in length.

  • Parent and Tot – Walking to independent 3.5 This class requires parent participation and will work on all aspects of gymnastics, as well as basic social skills.  Parents will have a great time too!  As your child becomes ready to move up to the Preschool class, your teacher will communicate how and when to make that transition. Click here for our parent and tot handout
  • Preschool – independent 3.5 to 4.5 year olds. This class is focused on independent learning and has higher expectations for skill learning and strength.  We work on social skills such as waiting our turn, being respectful to our “friends” and breaking away from parents.  Being able to stay with the class, listen to the teacher, and follow instructions will be required.
  • Pre-K–  children who are of VPK age (must be 4 before Sept 1st). We start to develop technique and concentrate more on form in this class.  We teach more challenging skills to develop stronger bodies and sharper minds.  We can now work very independently and are learning to appreciate the concept of accomplishing goals.

Girls Gymnastics

These classes are for girls who are Kindergarten age or older.  Curriculum is specifically designed to follow USA Gymnastics guidelines and progressions.  These guidelines encourage and promote strength and flexibility, while incorporating new progressive skills upon completion of a specific level.

All new students start in one of our beginner classes which are designed to teach basic skills in a fun and creative way.  We work on strength and flexibility, as well as skills.

Red Squad – Beginner level for girls Kindergarten age – 7 years old

Silver Squad – Beginner level for girls 7 years old and up.

Once basic skills on all events are achieved, coaches will move girls to an intermediate level class, where we start to take our basics and work on form and technique.  We also start to introduce more difficult skills and expect more strength and flexibility.  *This level MUST have coach recommendation.

Blue Squad* – Intermediate level for girls Kindergarten age – 7 years old

Gold Squad* – Intermediate level for girls 7 years old and up.

When intermediate level skills are achieved, coaches will recommend an advanced level.  In this class, we stress perfection of skills and technique, while expecting independent work and attention to detail.

Platinum Squad – Advanced level for girls ages 6 years old and up.

Diamond Level — Girls excelled 1st grade +  (Invite only)

Boys Gymnastics

These classes are for boys from Kindergarten and up.  Curriculum is specifically designed to follow USA Men’s Gymnastics guidelines.  Coaches incorporate creative and fun ways to teach boys tumbling and strength.


Tumbling skills are used in many different sports.  The most obvious are gymnastics and cheerleading, but skills in tumbling can also assist athletes in diving, trampolining, and dancing.  Tumbling combines strength, power, agility and coordination, that when performed properly, results in an exciting and dynamic sport.

Private Lessons

If there is a particular skill your child wants to work on, or an upcoming tryout approaching, you can schedule a 1-on-1 private lesson with one of our coaches.  Each coach sets their own pricing and schedule so we would put them in contact with you for the details.  Most coaches recommend to start with 30 mins per session.