Competitive Teams

For visiting gymnasts:

Anyone Level 6 can practice with the Simone Group.  Anyone Level 7 & 8 practice with the Laurie Group.  Anyone Level 9 & 10 practice with the Aly Group.  The Simone and Aly practice groups practice in the Destin Team Gym.  Anyone under Level 6 is welcome to join a Rec Comp practice at our Rec Gym in either Crestview or Destin.

Fees are $10/hour paid in cash.  Space is limited.  No reservations, walk-in only, as space is available.  Please have a waiver signed (Click here for Waiver) by a legal guardian when arriving for practice.

Click Here to Download the 2018-2019 School Year Schedule

Click Here to Download the 2018-2019 Team Competition schedule